1:1 Personalized learning experience for everyone.

Who is it for?

Whether you are a beginner want to learn the arabic alphabets, or
trying to read fluently with tajweed, or on your way to memorize the
Qur'an, Tanzeel is the right place for you.

Trusted by Students from all over the world.


Trusted by Students from all over the world.

Why you’ll love us

Handpicked and trained teachers

Each teacher is selected for excellence in character; thoroughly tested, trained before they can teach you, us, your and our families. Yes, we are students too!

Ijaazah Qualified teachers

Ijaazah qualified, thoroughly tested teachers - not just on Qur’an, but also on aqeedah, hadith, seerah, fiqh- we bring you the best of the best. With a strong quality control program and multiple support staff, we work around the clock so you can have a peace of mind about teachers quality and commitment.

Intelligent Search & Match System

Custom built & Intelligent system that will match you with the right teachers based on your background and needs. No need to waste time hopping from one teacher to another.

Easy scheduling, rescheduling

Find a teacher that fits your schedule with an easy to use system that enables you to reschedule - putting you in charge of your learning. No need to contact support staff and wait for them to do basic things.

Family accounts

Enjoy full control over your family’s Qur’an learning experience. Parents can enrol all their children and other family members from one account. No need to create 5 different email addresses and juggle emails and account access. Set up billing once for all users, schedule & reschedule classes from one central location. Children have separate logins so they don’t mistakenly make changes to their or other siblings accounts.

A true non-profit organization

Tanzeel is a registered Non-profit organization; consisting of 100% volunteer Board members. We are not driven by profit, we are driven by Ajr (reward from Allah). 100% of the student tuition goes towards our Teachers, Egypt staff, and IT infrastructure management.

Be at ease, you are In good hands with people who truly care FOR your success.

How Tanzeel works?

Create an account

The sign up process helps us understand who you are and what your needs are.

Experience Tanzeel

In the first class you meet and start building a relationship with your teacher. Experience our unique methodology of personalized learning and flexibility in approach.

Recite with confidence

Commit to an on-going schedule and excel in your learning. Confirm your enrolment, a transformative journey awaits!

Free Trial Class:
No credit card required!

All classes delivered by our own classroom application. No need for Zoom / Skype account.

What does a class look like?


Abdullah is a 12 year old boy who recently started memorizing the Qur’an.


Ahmed is a busy lawyer whose day starts early. He likes to get his Qur’an class done first thing after Fajr.


Sara is a mom of three. Sara and all three of her children are students at Tanzeel.

People Talk

Hold on! We’re not trying to sell you on our service. Instead, here are some students that will do the hard work for us.​

It's been excellent, having one to one with a Qari, I never thought I would get this opportunity.
I have had two lessons already, and i must say i am just loving it. It is fantastic. The teacher is very good mashaAllah.
I can see myself improve so much after these lessons in only 3 to 4 months, Alhamdulillah.
I have benefited so much from ONE class. I can't tell you how much this means to me.
I really value the lessons, and feel they have made a huge difference to my recitation of the Qur'an, as it is now more fluent.
Alhumdulliah, its been a great great benefit and joy and our life goal to look forward to our tajweed sessions. It has changed all our lives...
It is a well structured program that has allowed me to be structured in my study of the Quran. I have achieved what I thought I would never accomplish.
Due to this program and my commitment to it my love and relationship with the Quran has increased tremendously.

Refresh your family’s psychological health
with the Qur’an during the pandemic

Surely in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find comfort.

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Trial sessions are booked for 30 minutes each. The actual class will be for 25 minutes. Please create an account and then select a suitable time for trial class. Choose a time when you are usually free so you can later finalize your enrollment for that time every week.

After you selected a time on our system and confirmed everything, you should be taken to a student Dashboard. This is  where you were shown your session details and given access to Resources and other features. If you were on that screen, that means you are confirmed for your class. Take a note of the class time (in your time zone) and log into the system 5 minutes before scheduled time, click “Go to class” button and the Teacher will be waiting for you.

No, there is no need to contact the teacher or support staff. Our system is optimized in a way that teachers are informed when a new student signs up for a Trial. They will see you on their daily schedule and conduct the class at the scheduled time. Should you have any questions, always feel free to create a support ticket from the system Dashboard or email us at: We also have support staff around the clock that you can reach via live chat. Live chat option will be available once you log into the system.

Standard Sessions: Actual class time is 25 minutes, class is booked for 30 minutes. We reserve 5 minutes for cases like students running late, teachers needing to use restrooms, teachers having to pray, etc.

Full Sessions: Actual class time is 50 minutes, class is booked for 60 minutes. We reserve 5-10 minutes for cases like students running late, teachers needing to use restrooms, teachers having to pray Salah, eat, etc. Teachers usually work 8 hour shifts back to back.

Tanzeel works on a Pre-Paid system. Students pay for entire month’s classes on the 1st of every month. System calculates exactly how many classes a student has in a class and charges fees accordingly.
For more details, please visit our Pricing page.

What are you waiting for?

Recite with confidence
Enjoy the beauty of Qur’an
Find peace & Tranquility

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