The importance of learning Qur’an

To understand the true meaning of something we need to learn about that thing first, we need to gain all the relevant and authentic information about the specific thing we want to know about.  For example if we want to know about some place or some scientific discovery, what we need to do is to study the books which are written on that place or discovery, and collect all the information through various means. Book is the fundamental entity to get knowledge about something.  In the same way in Islam to gain the most authentic and most accurate knowledge about the religion, faith, society, life, nature and so, Qur’an is the ultimate source.

Qur’an not only provide the basic knowledge of the religion but it has all the information about each and every thing which a man needs to know about.  Therefore it is very important for every Muslim to learn Qur’an, not only to understand religion but to get himself a complete code of conduct about life.  Qur’an learning is an obligation for every Muslim; it must be the primary education a Muslim should get because there is no better education a man can get.  Qur’an teaches us about each and every aspect of human life.  It has solutions to all the problems of mankind.

Allah Almighty has communicated with his creature through his book so that the man may know about what is right and what is wrong.  Qur’an learning is a very noble act which every Muslim (man or woman) must perform.  It will give him knowledge, bring him near to his creator and will be a proof of his good deeds on the Day of Judgment.

The Prophet (saw) said: “I am leaving you two things and you will never go astray as long as you cling to them – they are the Book of Allah and my Sunnah.” [Reported by Al-Haakim – Sahih].

And incentives were given too:

“The most superior among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” (Bukhari)

“Whoever is an expert in reciting the Holy Qur’an is with the Kiraman Katebeen and whoever reads the Qur’an with pauses and it is difficult for him, that is, his tongue does not move easily and he recites with difficulty for him there are two rewards.” ( Bukhari)

According to Bahiqi:

“O People of the Qur’an, do not make the Qur’an a pillow, that is do not be lazy and be careless, and read the Qur’an in the day and night like it is the Haqq of Recitation, and spread it, that is, read with good voices or do not take compensation for it, and whatever is in it, reflect upon it so that you may attain success, and do not hurry in its reward because the reward for it is great (which will be given in the Akhirah).”

Qur’an is still left ignored in our lives.  It is time to let go of ignorance and open it. All those things that worries us and we are busy healing them with sources that brings us no  benefit and are left with no time for Qur’an.  Allah mentioned  in Surah 17:82  “We send down in the Qur’an that which is healing and a mercy to those who believe; as for the evil-doers, it only increases their loss”

It is the best deal, just follow the book and fill your days reading and learning it and Allah will take care of the rest.  Just see how much is promised for those who follow:

“Whoever read the Qur’an and memorized it and believed its’ Halal to be Halal and its Haram to be Haram [i.e., accepted it commandments of Halal and Haraam], Allah will accept the intercession for such 10 people on from him whom Hell had already become Wajib.” (at-Tirmidhi)

So let us not ignore this book and deprive ourselves of all these bounties.  Lets strengthen our Everlasting Relation with Allah (swt) through this powerful Book.  May Allah bless every Muslim with the vision to know the importance of Qur’an and ability to learn it and teach it to others.